Work Table for A350 with Enclosure

I received my A350 with the enclosure and now have to decide on what to use for a work table. What size table is recommended and how sturdy should it be? I plan on using all of the functions(CNC, Laser and 3D printing). I was looking on Amazon for a workbench but wanted feedback from actual users before I decided what to buy.
I have an extra bedroom to setup the printer and was thinking of running the exhaust fan out the window. Has anyone tried that?

My recommendation for the workbench is to use one of the pieces of cardboard as a form to help visualize the size (maybe put a few pieces together to make a box of the same size as the enclosure, or you could just assemble the enclosure without the printer). I thought I had my workbench all planned out but did not account for a trim I added on it. So the front door would swing open and hit the trim (side door is a touch higher). So I had to slide the whole thing back a few more inches.

One part of me wishes I had waited to construct that workbench until after I had my enclosure so I could build it deep enough BUT then I would have had trouble getting to the door on the right side (I would have had to figured out a way to flip the sides if that is even possible). So in the end it all worked out but it definitely ate more space than I was planning.

Thanks. How sturdy does the table need to be? I had a 3D printer several years ago and used weights on the table to stabilize it. I’m still debating on buying a table or making one.

I made my workbenches using a 2x4 basics shelf kit. It is ~30" tall and 6’ long. I put a normal pair of 2x4s the whole length at the bottom, used another set at the halfway mark to make a shelf under it all, then have a pair on the outside edges of the top. But even that only puts it at ~16" wide. Then I mounted a 3/4" MDF surface to the top as the actual workbench top. It is the full length but ~30" wide. Mounted with 8 deck screws (2 per 2x4 per end).

I can shake it but the printer does not at all. Plus I have the shelves below it loaded with Rubbermaid tubs of electronics, wire, and all sorts of other parts so there is plenty of mass overall.

Could you please share the size (depth of the workbench) required to fit the enclosure and to be able to work with the machine comfortably?

Sure. Mind you, these are my impressions on how much space it needs and I am assuming the default configuration (filament spool off the side, vent hose out the back). There are 2 possibilities (but you could make more based on it):

  1. Space needed with overhangs (doors open over edge, vent hose is out over edge, power… somewhere…) basically just the size of the enclosure = 24" wide by 32" deep
  2. Space needed without overhang (doors open over surface completely, vent hose starts over surface and can bend to 90° away, power supply and filament over surface) = 38" wide by 48" deep