Where is the table that I can buy?

I haven’t even unboxed the 2.0 350T yet. Why? First because I need to arrange time to do it. 2nd, because I need a table to put this thing on. A cheap card table won’t work. Too heavy
I would have happily bought a table for this thing, Why not, I bought almost everything else.
So… tomorrow morning I will make a run to Home Depot for stuff to make a table. Would have preferred to buy a table large enough for the unit and enclosure but alas, SnapMaker didn’t want my table money. Home Depot will gladly take that revenue.
After that I’ll be on the hunt for a cabinet to hold all the parts and supplies. First need to unbox to see what size parts cabinet I need.
This is all potential revenue for SnapMaker. I would have gladly paid more rather than spend the time to build my own.

Just sayin’

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I have seen folks on FB purchasing a mobile tool cabinet that fits the A350T and encloser from Home Depot. I think it was called a husky, or something like that. Drawers held items used for all the functions, including the tool heads and replacement workspaces.

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Yep, Home Depot will have something. If not exactly what I want I have a garage full of tools so I really don’t have a reason to complain. Just thought it would be cool to have a cabinet/stand that was built specifically for the 350T. Sorta like going outside without shoes :laughing:

The FB groups have covered that cabinet use and configuration quite well. I would encourage you to do a search there. I have seen some guys who have come up with some amazing setups. Bought and built.

Check this out: Redirecting...

A power tool stand (I got mine at harbor freight) with a piece of plywood or mdf for a top works great. I added two shelves under with some extra 3/4" ply I already had.
Otherwise a lot of people are using tool cabinets as @Jax3DTrains said.


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I can highly recommend buying a 2’x3’ workshop cart from Woodcraft, Rockler, Kreg. The SM 2 350 with enclosure fits it perfectly. Make the top larger and you can have shelf space around the enclosure. Locking casters allow me to easily move it anywhere, anytime. Mine is angle steel legs with an angle steel top to which you attach plywood/MDF of your choice. Mine has a second set of angle brackets that you can attach below that with a second piece of plywood gives a lot of storage (3’x2’x18”). Wouldn’t be difficult to put two shelves below but then things get cramped (I tried it). Drill some holes into the top angle around the edge, add “S” hooks for lots of hanging space. Put a thin piece of plywood on the top of the enclosure and you have another shelf for light stuff. But that also makes it dark. Don’t go cheap on casters. You might think you’ll wheel it into a corner but you’ll find you want to get to all 4 sides frequently. I prefer swivel casters with wheel and rotational locks… never regretted that choice.

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Second on making sure the casters are good.
On mine I had some older ones from a tool cabinet that I thought were plenty hefty and would be good, but even though they locked they weren’t totally steady. I ended up ditching them for some big industrial feet I found on amazon. They’re also nice cause I can adjust and level the table. It still slides around fine on my concrete floor.
If your table isn’t solid you may get artifacts like ringing in your 3d prints. And also can sometimes amplify the sounds of the machine.

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Thanks, I’ve never had a facebook account and never will. I value my personal information more than that. But I appreciate your reply.

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thanks. Was thinking bigger but if I can get away with a 2x3 that would be awesome. Top definitely has to be larger for the enclosure but that’s easy enough.

Be warned…

I went completely over the top with my first table. (Its incredibly heavy)

Soon found out space is an issue…

Got another table & draws (to be assembled) to host the machine only and the one my A350 is on will be a prepping/finishing bench lol.

And I still need more organisers!!!


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Thanks for all the help. Greatly appreciated. Looks like I’m headed in the tool stand and plywood direction. I was thinking longer for stability. Fortunately I won’t have the caster problem as table is planned to be stationary. Believe it or not I was just browsing Home Depot and came up with a 4 foot table and butcher block top. Far too much from what you’ve all just told me. Your advice saved me hundreds and thankful to you all for that. Cart was over $500 before you knocked some sense in me :laughing: I have a nearby Harbor Freight so guess I’ll be heading there tomorrow. Again, advice greatly appreciated.

Just went down and measured my table
32” wide x 24” deep x 36” high
Casters are 5” leaving 31” for two shelves and a table top.
Shelves: one is immediately above casters and another about 14-1/2” above that and about 14-1/2” from the table top which is 3/4” plywood. I have 1/4” MDF on top of the enclosure that perfectly fits the 32”x24” table top. I have other work surfaces around so I don’t miss not having a bigger table. Again, on wheels, I roll it over to my workbench.
Might mention I’ve attached all through a reduced to a 4” exhaust to which I attached an exhaust fan. The enclosure exhaust fan is pretty weak and I started getting a lingering burnt smell. Now when I turn on the power strip to energize the A350 it also turns on the supplemental exhaust… cost about $80 and, like the casters, is a great investment.

(Thumb typed on phone with overly helpful, and sometimes inventive spell checker; ask if anything is not clear)

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The exhaust is definitely going to be critical as my family room is right above where this will be in the basement. Fortunately lots of room for shelving.

If you search the forum for “DIY enclosure” you will also find some ideas. I know you are just looking for a table, but most DIY enclosures do include some kind of table(-like thing).
Here’s mine: Yet Another DIY Enclosure

That topic also links some of the others you find on the forum.

Almost fell into that overkill trap until everybody here steered me in a better direction. Now my focus is something for the unit and enclosure and then I’ll build storage and prep around it. Because I haven’t even unpacked boxes yet I had no clue and went straight into overkill mode thinking I needed a massive table just for the unit. When you start adding butcher block tops to your cart you’ve pretty much lost control :rofl:


After searching for options I got an electric standing desk for mine. See picture. Also, the enclosure is not pictured because I didn’t received it when I took the picture, but fits perfectly.

i made one of these. the 2’x4’ plywood panels are just big enough for the enclosure with a foot of space on the end. I strapped the snapmaker power supply vertically to one of the legs. I’ve got the supplies and extra parts of the shelf below.

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I had my A350 on a 4’ folding table for 11 months and it worked perfectly! I now have the Husky 46" Tool Chest from Home Depot and it is awesome!! All the drawers are ideal, even has two big bottom drawers that are more that perfect for filament storage. Mine is white, but it comes in black, red, dark blue and even gray.

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After going thru multiple stores and concepts for building a bench I also ended up with the husky 46 inch. That is what was initially suggested but I just had to see if I could do better/cheaper/quicker. nope. The 46” Husky is exactly what i circled back to. Also in white. It doesn’t arrive until Dec 28 as there were none in store and I wasn’t really interest in hauling a 200 pound box. Won’t assemble anything until I have the workbench but the dimensions listed for the A350 enclosure indicate I’m going to need to put a slightly larger top on the thing. No biggie.
While I wait I’ve been playing with 3d drawings getting ready to put this thing thru its paces.
Thanks for the guidance.

Thank you sir. After trying to come up with all sorts of alternatives at the end of the day I ordered the 46” Husky bench just like you told me about last week. Arrives on the 28th. Hard to be patient but I’m trying :laughing: