Won't stay connected, touchscreen won't stay on

I think I have all the updates installed, and everything was going well on my CNC project (the one that came with) until I shut the enclosure and reopened it a bit later to check on progress because it’s hard to see thru. I told the machine that it was ok to resume, (assuming it knew where the origin was because it didn’t allow me to place it back on the origin it just started going) well, the bit went through my base. Now, I can’t get the touchscreen to stay on. I may have damaged my CNC tool head, because when it was briefly working, the tool head would move, but it wouldn’t turn. the touchscreen comes on briefly when I turn it on, the LED lights flash, then blank screen. I seriously don’t know what else to do. It’s like I need a reset button. I keep turning it off and on (giving it 30 seconds in between off & on)

You already have another thread going with related problems.
You’ll get better help if you don’t start new ones.

Doubtful that you hurt your toolhead just by crashing it. Most of us have done it pretty hard and repeatedly. Try giving it a minute or two for a reset.

Other questions answered in your other thread.

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