Won't 'send device via wifi'

I literally set up my new Snapmaker yesterday, and printed one the test piece. Today it won’t allow me to Send Device via Wifi.
I have only watched the instruction video, and I’m not at all tech-savvy.

I downloaded a design from Thingiverse, dragged it to my G-Code generator platform, `Loaded G-code to Workspace’, and the send to device is not allowed.
It was working perfectly yesterday.

Also, can the scale options be changed from % to mm?
I know how long/wide I want my object, but not in percentages.
I can’t find this tip anywhere.


If you’re using 3.9 there’s a bug that causes it to not show dimensions.
Go back to 3.8 and then when you change % you should see the size change.
It’s a little bit of a pain but it works.

Did you try refreshing the machine list and then connect?


Thanks @sdj544. I don’t know where to check that. But as I installed it only yesterday, I assume it would be the 3.9 version… and I may not be able to change it.

Where do I find out how to refresh the machine list?


On a mac there’s an about menu item and it will show the version #. Not sure if you’re on a pc.

It also shows up in console in Luban.
And the refresh is above and to the right of connect and to the right of your SM name.

3.8 can be found under Luban topic on forum:


The Refresh on Luban didn’t show my SM name ! I need to Add the SM IP address manually to connect !

Either the send file to SM seems not to be working (it start but get stuck… after 20 minutes I closed the windows)… But work well with the computer connected (starting the print with the Play button). It is then transferring the file… as I got my computer disconnected (it went on sleep) and the print finished without issue !

Thanks, I’ll try fix that :pensive:

I think I can do this via the USB drive… maybe my internet is playing up behind my back

Yes you can do it via the USB but the computer connexion is nice in Laser using the camera. Wifi connexion could be sometime tricky (depending on the brand/model of your access point) but it should be working, there is no reason not… sometime issue is the wifi itself not the SM !