Wondering about carving a round wooden rod

John here,

I was wondering if there was some kind of way to carve or engrave on a round rod? I don’t know if there is another part or what?

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Nope. It would be a nice accessory.
I did have a thought that you could design and build an addon that would be driven by the Y-axis (the bottom one) and convert the linear travel into rotary motion. That axis would likely need to line up with the X-axis. You would have to effectively roll out your model flat so that the translation of the programming wouldn’t require a whole controller update. I don’t know how many CAD programs support that kind of

There is a Thingiverse design that lets you laser etch on a round surface. Won’t support the material well enough for carving.

What kind of detail is it you want to carve?

@Tone could you by any chance give me the link to the project on thingiverse could not seem to find it


It’s in the SnapLinks.