New to Ray - Rotary Module and Emergency Button

Hello @all,
On Thursday I got the Snapmaker Ray as my first Laserengraver (+5yrs in 3DPrinting and CNC)…Wohooo. I didn’t buy the Enclosure bc i already have a self build one.
Two Questions concerning the Rotary Module:

  1. In which Port do I Have to Plug it in? Motion? The Wiki is only about the Snapmaker 2.0 etc.
  2. The Cord of the Emergency Buton is very short, around 30cm i guess and i use it in Addon Port. Is there an extension available? Otherwise i cant use it (no Snapmaker Enclosure).

Lightburn doesn’t work with the Ray (USB, there was no WIFI-Option in the device dialog). Is there a workaround to get it work?
Thanks in advance

There is a extension cable in the online shop available. :wink: Have fun and feel free to share your laser projects in the showcase category.

It’s considered a motion accessory. I don’t believe you can plug it into the wrong port because the pins are different for each function category.

Thanks a lot, I had overlooked the second cable for the Button. I connected everything as shown in the wiki (device was turned off), but the Button blinks red/green (i think it can not connect). Is there anything i can do beside contacting tech staff (which ist not possible atm, bc. u can’t select ray :slight_smile: )
Maybe sb. from snapmaker can answer, i added the log. (16.7 KB)

It works with Lightburn (Using Ray with LightBurn | Snapmaker Wiki). I checked my self on my Ray there is only few issues im still trying to solve. One of the things is when you press in LB go home Ray always make noise Piiiii🤣 i found that changing home pull-of should be change from 2mm to 5mm in Machine settings in LB software. The other issue is that if you set up in LB the Origin to the Top Left (where home is) whem you try then to move laser head with Move option from LB up or down its move in oposit direction. Left and right works good but up and down not. Still working that shit out😆 till now i set the origin on down left then i can move the head with buttons (them it moves good more or less). At least engraving with user origin works. Tried that yesterday.

And if your Ray is connected to Mac Computer you had to change the driver from serial port on CH340 other way usb connection don’t work.
Here is the link for the driver.
Maybe it needs to also be changed on win computer.

Did you check for firmware updates?

Thanks a lot, i will try that!

i upgradet to 1.5.6 which is the one on the supportside. The rulers came out fine :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!
Thank you for your feedback. I’ll forward them to related teammates and try improving them soon.

  1. Did you notice these instructions?

  1. There’s a note for adding the extension cord on the store. However, it’s not obvious.
    Snapmaker Ray 20W & 40W Laser Engraver and Cutter with Air Assist – Snapmaker US


Hello Jade,
thanks for the reply. Meanwhile nearly everything is solved (and I got familiar with the wiki :slight_smile: ). I ordered the extension cord with the rotary module but overlooked the cable for the emergency button, which is only blinking red/green.

Rulers came out fine, same for some of the template in the library.

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Just u2 know: FW Update 1.6 (came out yesterday) solved the problem with the emergency button :slight_smile:


so is it really possible to use the emergency button with Ray? I asked the support of Snapmaker and now I’m a bit confused as they told me that the emergency button is not compatible with Ray.

And: is it possible to use the button and the rotary module at the same time?

Button alone without rotary works fine, At the moment there are issues with button and rotary at the same time. I have a ticket open bc. at startup there are infinite boot loops and/or red/green flashing of the button, but nobody told me that these modules are not compatible, They better are because the option “ray with rotary bundle” was ordered in august, this is my main application.

Thanks a lot - actually I would like to wait for the new rotary module to come - in the meantime I’m fine if only the emergency button can be used.
@Jade I’m sure there are plans to make both - the rotary module and the emergency button at the same time - compatible with Ray?

Sorry for the late answer. The problem was solved , i got a new central unit. Emergencybutton and rotary module are running fine together

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