Wifi setting not saved on printer

Everytime I power on the printer A250, need to set the wifi SSID and password, the settings are not saved on the printer

Already using the latest firmware 1.10.1 on the printer

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I have no such problems, i guess you have a hidden wifi or something else?
Maybe try to connect to a open or other wifi to check if it is really not saving?
Maybe this helps, read a bit :wink:

I am no network guy so, i can´t deliver more help.- sry.

I recall @WilliamBosacker had issues that may or may not be the same as yours. Maybe he has some insight.

Thank you for the reply. I will continue to use the printing thru usb / wired connection till the issues are fixed

Some cases were reported that the machine cannot connect to Wi-Fi automatically after you reboot the machine.

Our software team has developed a beta version to improve the wifi connection.

Users who want to try this version, please send me some feedback.

Download link: