Wifi Connection and Print Start Operation

The printer is located away from the computer.

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Request a wifi connection from Luban.
  3. Use the printer’s touch panel for authentication.
  4. Gcode file is transferred from Luban via Wifi.
  5. Start printing on the panel of the printer.

I have to go back and forth between the printer and the computer installation three times, which is very inconvenient.

With IdeaMaker (Raise3D), there is no need for the 3) authentication operation. IdeaMaker can also start printing directly.

I would be happy if Luban can do the same operation.
Please consider this.

Welcome to the forums! You aren’t the first person that has suggested this and some users have developed a work around that you might find useful.

Check out this thread: File Transfer via WiFi

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Thanks for the reply.
I looked at the link and it doesn’t seem to be the feature I want.

I’m OK with using Luban to transfer.
The printer’s touch screen is a pain in the ass.
My request is to make the touch controls unnecessary.
The computer is located in my room but the printer is located in a work room about 20 meters away.
→Work room
Turn on the Printer
→my room
Request Wifi connection in Luban
→Work room
Touch screen connection authorization
→my room
Upload Gcode from Luban
→Work room
Start printing on touch screen

This is very inconvenient as it requires the operation of a touch screen.

IdeaMaker (Raise3D) was able to do the following.
→Work room
Turn on the Printer
→my room
Wifi connection request on IdeaMaker
Upload Gcode from IdeaMaker
Start printing from IdeaMaker

If the problem is that the printer automatically triggers a wifi connection request, I think you could make it possible to set a password for automatic connection.

I look forward to the improvement of Luban and touch screen functions.


My knees were screaming, so I bought a laptop.

I’ve been waiting for the Wifi feature to improve, but I couldn’t resist.

As I am finishing development of a cura extension the next days for the Snapmaker, where exactly this problem is solved. There is no need to use Luban for 3d Printing anymore.

So stay tuned. I will release it here on the forum.

I, too, would like to be able to connect to snapmaker and start a print from Luban without interacting with the touchscreen at all. The connect/start process was a pain in the butt from the very first time I used the printer and the issue still remains. When testing the devices, do Snapmaker’s designers enjoy having to do the touchscreen authorization and then two more touches to start a print? Why is there still no option to subvert the touchscreen?

You “can” execute jobs from luban. and also, the new firmware (for many people) will save authorization. for some it causes wifi problems.

you’re better off executing from the display though, because thats where the magic behind the filament runout and power loss recovery comes from.