Why isn't this fixed?

My question is why wasn’t the WIFI fixed on the previous firmware fix? I still have to connect to my WIFI every time the machine is powered down. I will not install this latest version until the bugs are fixed. We paid enough for the this machine, you would think this would be the least of our problems.

I’ve heard that the wifi issues go away if you leave the machine powered off for at least 15 seconds, but I assume you’re not testing in less than 15 second intervals right?

They would do alot to just open up the rest of the firmware so we can just fix this stuff on our own it seems

They must have used a wrong branch to make this update and lost some commits or something.

Who knows.

I never had a wifi problem on my machine personally, I am wondering if you use 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz network? It seems most with issues use 5 ghz, at least from the observations i made in the past. may not be relevant anymore. asking for the sake of curiosity.

Disclaimer: Just a theory, hasn’t been conclusively proven lately, but early on changing to a green mainland China frequency fixed a few people’s issues

>50% chance it won’t work, based on channels. Green US with Red China channels are where US APs will set themselves up, and the mainland China configured WLAN chip will be unable to connect.

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That sounds like a reasonable answer to me. I do recall the “channels” thing. Is this the change that is now lost?

Some of our customers have reported that the WIFI issue is fixed by entering and exit the WIFI page on the screen. However, I have not been able to test that due to the issue is hard to be duplicated on our side. So, I am not sure if it will work in your case. Also, you can try to reset the screen.

Reset the touchscreen.
Go to Settings → About machine.
Follow the below steps to enter the developer mode and reset.

Click Reset All.

I just updated to the latest firmware 1.13.1 and this is NOW WORKING for me.

Thank You!

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Thanks for confirming. I’ve been holding off on firmware updates specifically due to concerns about the wifi getting borked again. Guess I’ll plan to do the big firmware upgrade.

Seems to retain your WIFI information, but who knows what happens next. Something may break it! lol

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