Another WiFi issue

Hi guys,
I’ve the A150 with all SW and FW up to date… but still lot of pain with WiFi! :cry:
I’ve read about WiFi channel issue so I fix the 5GHz channel to 36 (160MHz enabled) and the 2.4GHz automatic from 1 to 11. Is that correct? Has the last FW fix the issue so that we can use automatic channel selection here in EU (Italy)?

After the channel adjustment it seems the connection is working better but I still get some disconnection and timeout error and this make my Snap useless!!!

After that I saw that sometimes after reboot the machine it get connected to an open WiFi network instead of the ones I configured before. Unbelievable! Could a WiFi connection implementation be so hard???
I’m really annoyed about this issue! Can you please help me understand if am I wrong or the Snapmaker Team has not yet fix this incredible bug? How can we recommend Snapmaker to a friends if I wasn’t able to connect to my machine?


I have my 2.4 and 5 ghz share the same SSID - no issues.

some other things to look at on your router:

  1. disable unscheduled power saving (if your router supports that)
  2. disable band steering (where router tries to persuade client to join 5ghz)
  3. disable any form of multicast / broadcast restrictions (IGMP snooping, multicast enhancements, auto optimizations, etc)
  4. make sure your router is running latest firmware
  5. if you have ability to change beaconing - leave it as default
  6. you shouldn’t have to fix the channel (i don’t, my router actually moves channels all the time) but i can see how it might help.
  7. consider lowering the 160mz back to default for your router

out of interest what router / wifi are you using?

Hello Scyto, thanks for your response!

My router is Asus RT-AX58U and from what I read our Snap doesn’t support all the WiFi channels, it support only the China approved channel, is it correct? Also not clear if it support both 2.4 and 5GHz.

Here my router channels settings:

The 2.4GHz channel range is 1-13 and I can specify to include 12 and 13 or not (why?)

The 5Ghz channel rage is:

I’ve selected 160MHz thinking to improve the speed of my WiFi, isn’t it? Am I wrong?

Sorry but I’m not an expert on WiFi configuration so your help would be very useful!

@Snapmaker-Support: please help us with WiFi connection!

sorry for the delay

yes select 160 can increase the bandwidth if your clients support it (i have it set on my 5g too)

my A350 is currently connected to my 2.4g network using channel 11 HT20 consider setting to that on your 2.4 temporarily and see if it improves matter. disable extension channels unless you know what they are (i have no clue)

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I had the same issue, the only fix was to restart my router at least once a week. However once I replaced my router it hasn’t happened since.