Why is the print curving up

When I was doing this print I thought it was going to be an easy project, but turns out for some reason the print is curving up on one side. This is a picture of my print

I don’t know why its doing this, because the gcode and design are straight. Does anyone know why its doing this and how to fix it?

What material and what, if anything, are you doing to ensure adhesion to the bed?

@TheBum I am using PLA, and I am not using anything for adhesion besides a higher build plate temp for first layer. I usually use a raft but my print is so wide I did not have room.
Also It always prints fine on a raft it just takes longer and I would like to print more than one at a time so a raft would not work.

Try Elmer’s glue stick. I use it for all my prints and never have adhesion issues with PLA or PETG.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will try it out.

Does the corner come loose during the first layer print, or after a few layers?

I can print smaller pieces just fine with the default bed temp of 50ºC. Larger pieces will partially unstick from the bed, usually in the center of the layer. It’s better if I raise the bed temperature to 60ºC for the first layer, but it doesn’t completely solve the problem. I’m still playing with different bed temperatures, and I’m thinking that my Z head might be too close to the bed (the first layer lines are very wide compared to the 2nd layer). I also get better bed adhesion if I turn my ceiling fan off for a few layers.

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I’ve noticed that on smaller prints, depending on the orientation of the print, I sometimes get warping or lifting.
It seems to have to do with the small fan not passing over that part of the print. Try slowing down the print a nd see if that helps.

3D prints shrink due to the its thermal properties while cooling. This puts a lot of stress on the print and with improper adhesion to the printbed it can detach partialy or completly from it. There are many things you can do against warping.


Try putting a brim on, I have seen that this is the easy way out but it all comes down to a good balance between the filament temp. and the bed temp. and another factor is the room temp. We are currently in winter time and the room temp is a huge factor, this settings will be differently in summer.
The heatbed also dont heat up evenly.
The desired option in the software will be to hat up the bed for a few minutes before printing is started.