Lower print quality and bed adhesion with enclosure

Hi all, I’ve finally got around to setting up the enclosure for my snapmaker original, however I’m having issue with poor bed adhesion and quality. I’ve checked the bed levelling a couple of times and it should be fine, and I’ve not changed any print settings in cura, so I’m thinking it’s the enclosure causing the issue. I’m assuming because of a build up of heat in the enclosure, but I’m not sure.

Corners and edges will curl up and distort the print, even as the rest of the print is very firmly stuck to the build plate. I’ve added a Be Quiet! 120mm 1100RPM intake fan to the enclosure to help cool it down inside, I think it’s helped a little, but I still can’t print properly.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions as to how I can fix it?

Edit: Done a bit more research, everyone says MORE heat is better for preventing warping, which is weird, coz I don’t have warping issues when the printer is under the air conditioning, but I do have warping issues when the printer is inside the toasty enclosure.

This could be a common problem when printing PLA, let the door open or heat the bed less would be a solution.
Whats your print settings?

These are the settings I usually use:
Print temp: 200
initial layer temp: 210
build plate temp: 60
flow: 102%
print speed: 55mm/s
initial layer speed: 20mm/s

These settings used to work fine for me.

I did just try a quick little print with the bed temp at 50C and it it didn’t warp, though I think I’ll need to try a larger print to really test to see if the lower bed temp fixes the problem.

I don’t see how an enclosure would cause warping of the underside of the part. It is usually (always?) the opposite. That type of warping happens because too quick and/or uneven cooling of the part.
It also depends on size, density and geometry of the object…

Are sure sure your part cooling fan is working?

Yup, just checked and the part cooling fan is still working.

Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve tried this enclosure and had this problem. When I first got the enclosure I tested it out before removing it to modify it to better suit. those test prints also had similar issues, but it printed fine all the months after I took the enclosure off. So, seems to me like it’s the enclosure, seems incredibly coincidental if it’s not.

are you referring to the underside or topside of the part? If it’s the topside, then it’s most likely because the material isn’t cooling quickly enough…

This was happening to me until I got my E-steps right. Basically, under-extrusion is bad for adhesion. There’s a calibration guide in these forums.

Other than that, glue stick or painters tape on the bed helps.

I also leave the enclosure open for pla, since it doesn’t need a warm enclosure. Helps with part cooling.