What to do with old parts after upgrade?

After you upgrade, what do you do with the spare power supply, linear modules, and printer heads? Is there a secondary/used parts market, or do you save them as emergency spares?

You could put them up for sale here (as others have done) or keep them as spares should you need to revert back anytime if you have failures. The choice is really yours.

Thank you Anbro. I’m asking for input to decide between those two possibilities. What are most people doing? I didn’t find any “for sale” posts for parts on a brief search, so I don’t have any idea of the relative worth of these components. Could I even get 50% of the purchase price? It’s not clear to me that I could use the linear modules at all without replacing all of them again, but maybe somebody who hasn’t upgraded needs to replace one of their modules for some reason. Maybe the power supply and print head could be backups… What is your personal experience with the leftover parts after upgrading?

I went for the A350ENT so I have no need to upgrade. I know of two people that sold their printers on here and one that sold parts from an upgrade. If this is what you want to do then it’s best to start a new ‘For Sale’ thread here where people can reply or message you over pricing. Good luck.

I have seen a few threads recently about people with very noisy linear modules. And plenty of people have destroyed their print heads with plastic blobs. People complain about noisy power supplies occasionally. If you don’t want to keep them as your own personal spares, and don’t mind waiting a bit, I’m sure somebody from the forums will take them off your hands.

I mostly see people selling whole units, not parts. I really don’t have any advice on where to start with pricing. Search the forums for “for sale” (make sure you’re searching “in all topics and posts” not “in this post”) , and see if you can get a feel for how those sales went.

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I would highly recommend keeping them as spares although parts such as the old printer head can potentially be customised or simply used to accommodate wider nozzles. The old PSU can be made quieter by just changing the fan and is probably not worth selling off used anyway. Plus you could use it to power other stuff you add on, such as a camera, more lighting, and so on. As for the rails, I would probably try to build another unit out of them. I don’t think it would be too difficult to get someone to make you a new base and brackets. You don’t need a heated bed for the laser or CNC, so more or less you just need another controller to have a stand alone laser (or CNC), or second printer without a heated bed. If you are not a tinkerer then this path is probably not for you.