Building a second A250 using the original Snapmaker 2.0 linear rails

It’s probably been asked before but are there any plans to sell the necessary components to build a second A250 using the original Snapmaker 2.0 linear rails. I’ve purchased most of the upgrades for my Snapmaker 2.0 (linear rails, print head, 10W laser) and have a number of components necessary to build a second machine. While I can purchase a new power supply and ican bus separately I am still missing the base plate, supports, cables and controller etc
With the Snapmaker not being upgradable to the Artisan’s quick change plates it would be great to have a second machine setup for laser or 3D printing.
Perhaps with the launch of Artisan there will be surplus stock of spare parts for Snapmaker 2.0 making such an offer possible.

People that have destroyed their controller by plugging in the cables wrong have purchased replacement controllers and cables. As far as I can tell, the only way to do so is through snapmaker support.

I have just rebuilt with new rails.
I just ordered individual parts to make a new printer. I will have laser or cnc in my garage

At least in EU, you can buy almost all the parts in 3DJake, the only part lacking is the aluminum platform and Z support, but that can be easily done using extrusions.

Why go to the trouble of upgrading, only to buy all of the pieces to reuse the old rails? Why not just buy a new F250 or F350 with all of the upgraded parts and keep the old one as-is? I can’t imagine they’d sell all of the pieces individually for less than the cost of a whole machine. I guess if you already upgraded the rails and now you wish you had a second machine, but there’s a reason why you replaced them in the first place.

You’re right. But many already have the old power supply, old 3d print head, and, as in my case, the air purifier (which is not necessary for 3d print or CNC but it is a must for lasering indoors) and the different beds in addition to the rails. It would be interesting to know from someone involved in this process the actual cost of purchasing the remaining few parts.

Some people will want a second unit if they can make use of the extra parts.
Selling them as a set would be beneficial to SM.
It would be nice to be able to use the main machine for 3DP and the sub-machine for CNC or laser engraving, depending on how often they are used, and work simultaneously.
I don’t need it, though.

I understand your point and if I was upgrading now I’d consider just buying an F250. When I upgraded my linear rails, print head, 10W laser the F250 wasn’t an option so now I’m stuck with parts I can’t reuse / recycle easily.

It is really cheap (well I think so) to build another printer out of the spares you have. I’ve just ordered everything to build another A350. The only parts I didn’t order are power supply, 3d print head, linear rails AND controller (the one mounted to the right Z axis) as I have a spare. I even ordered all the screws as I wasn’t sure what I had on hand.

All up, including freight, the total was $388 USD. Noting that half the cost comes from just the screen. Weirdly the shipping to Australia was only $20 USD which is extremely cheap considering what I had to pay for other Snapmaker orders.

I already have an F350 and a A350T so my plans are to leave the F350 as pure 3D Printer, 350T for the 10w laser and purifier and the one made from parts will be just for CNC. It’s one way to deal with the pain in the arse that is unscrewing different build plates/heads :slight_smile: especially as they are on a bench in enclosures.

My only decision now is if I buy a third enclosure or just build one. I don’t like the idea of having the CNC going at full speed and a bit snaps and not having any protection. I figured it would be cheaper to build one but once I priced getting the acrylic cut the price climbed quickly and made the Snapmaker enclosure not seem that expensive after all.

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That’s good to know.
You do not need an enclosure made of methacrylate walls and doors, but and enclosure with windows. I have seen that on other setups. You can build walls and doors with 2-3 mm thick aluminum and cut one or two rectangles to make a methacrylate or glass window.

One of the best mods I did to my SM was to replace the top cover with a 3-mm aluminium plate. Now it makes a robust table where I can put heavy things and perforate at will to run the filament, or for sensors and the raspi I fix to it. Visually looks nicer than the methacrylate and has OD>10 for lasering at any lambda :upside_down_face:.

In the inside face I put a 4-mm cork sheet for isolation. As a premium, cork is fire resistant, in case it burns, if burns slowly, not spreading the fire, and produces no toxic gases. I plan to also substitute with aluminium+cock the rear wall (for rigidity and to fix things to it) and to just add cork to the lateral methacrylate wall.

I have “item” profiles(, do you have any hint how can I attach the Z axis/rails to it?