Upgrading Question for 3D Printing

Hi All,
I just re-found my 50 percent off code for the upgraded modules and wanted a bit of advice. I have a regular 250 btw with an enclosure. In the email it said they recommend upgrading all three at once, does this mean I should not have the new printing head on the old linear modules? I don’t really want to spend another 350 on new linear modules. But in your experience, has the new printing module been worth it? Especially if I would not buy it with the new linear modules? It’s only $75 with the coupon so I guess even a small upgrade would be nice. Right now the head is fine, I think there are some improvements that could be made with cooling and first layer adhesion.
let me know what you think.

Of course they want you to buy all the upgrades…

The new linear modules aren’t all interchangeable anymore. Z is different than X/Y.
Old and new can’t be used together.

New power supply is basically just quieter. (a couple other power saving tweaks ).
If noise doesn’t bother you, than don’t bother. (or just do a fan upgrade)

New printing module is better… Mostly improved cooling for better bridging.

Code can only be used once, but sounds like if you change your mind you can just ask for a new one.