Laser need help

I finally got the settings to cut my first project that I made by myself. I tried to use a file that was already completed. The problem was that I couldn’t ungroup the file to set the tool path for cuts or engraving. Is there a way to ungroup in Luban? So, that I can set up the tool path? I’ve been working and working weeks straight (like months) to finally get results. I followed instructions to make the project to the letter and I restarted from the beginning to set up the laser like it came out of the box and if it didn’t work – I was going to give up. It actually cut the file and now I want to create other things. Is Lightburn better than Luban?? is it worth the cost? I certainly wasn’t going to spend more $$$ if I couldn’t get the Snapmaker to do anything.

Where does everyone get files to use?? Any help or advice would be awesome. Thank you in advance

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