What nozzles work on SM2?

I have been told that the SM2 uses a MK8 nozzle but I dont really know what this means. From a quick google search I see that MK8 nozzles use an M6 thread.

If this is the case would this nozzle fit? https://reprapworld.co.uk/products/extruder/brands/e3d/nozzles/1_75mm/e3d_v6_nozzle_x_0_40_mm_1_75_mm/

It is a M6 threaded nozzle. Would this seal properly and work with the existing heat block?

I believe the geometry is different on the top end of a V6 nozzle like you have linked above so it may leak. Just search Amazon for “Mk8 nozzle” and there will be plenty to choose from. Are you printing filament that requires a hardened nozzle? I run a Nozzle X on one of my Prusas currently.

In the Kickstarter comments, Jade commented:

…you can use Olsson Ruby MK8. When you use a third-party nozzle, make sure that the total length of its structure is about 13mm and the thread is M6. In addition, you need to check the specs of the max. nozzle temperature and max. heated bed tempterature to see if the machine is able to print with specific materials.

Best, Jade

Here is a link to the 0.4mm nozzle on Matterhackers. I checked out the other ruby nozzles on Amazon, and they appear to be fake, or extremely cheap rubies.

P.S. As DroneOn stated, the v6 nozzles are a different design with longer threads, which may bottom out the hot end and leak.

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Yes, sorry I had failed to update on this thread that I have now successfully changed nozzles over to a brozzle hardened steel mk8 nozzle. Works a charm!

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