What nozzles work on SM2?

I have been told that the SM2 uses a MK8 nozzle but I dont really know what this means. From a quick google search I see that MK8 nozzles use an M6 thread.

If this is the case would this nozzle fit? https://reprapworld.co.uk/products/extruder/brands/e3d/nozzles/1_75mm/e3d_v6_nozzle_x_0_40_mm_1_75_mm/

It is a M6 threaded nozzle. Would this seal properly and work with the existing heat block?

I believe the geometry is different on the top end of a V6 nozzle like you have linked above so it may leak. Just search Amazon for “Mk8 nozzle” and there will be plenty to choose from. Are you printing filament that requires a hardened nozzle? I run a Nozzle X on one of my Prusas currently.

Yes, sorry I had failed to update on this thread that I have now successfully changed nozzles over to a brozzle hardened steel mk8 nozzle. Works a charm!


Will the auto-levelling feature still work with the Olsson Ruby nozzle?

sure it would. if its different than 13mm in length you may need to adjust the prox sensor and or the heatbreak. however i am pretty sure an actual MK8 nozzle is going to be 13mm as part of the spec.

unless you are printing some abrasive stuff nonstop, thats probably not a good investment, especially since the 3dp module itself will wear down over that much use. the heatbreak is one thing and easy to change, but the gear feeding the filament through is not a part you are going to be able to replace easily. replacement 3dp module was 115 dollars last time i asked.

hardened steel nozzle is sufficient for the amount of abrasive printing you are going to get away with on the snapmaker.

but if you are looking to try something fancy for the sake of it - microswiss has some nice mk8 nozzles - a wear resistant plated brass nozzle (which is not going to be best for abrasion but helps with material sticking to it), and two levels of steel nozzles, but a lot cheaper than an olson ruby nozzle.

i got the plated brass ones recently and am really happy with the performance

i will be honest i am curious to try the olson ruby too, but i dont think im going to do that yet. maybe if they keep improving the machine to the point its not a freakin buggy mess i will treat it to one.

before i do that i think id try to fit a nozzle x, which would require some fiddling of the heatbreak but not too bad