Brass-Washer as sealing for the nozzle?


I have a problem with a micro-swiss mk8 nozzle at my Snapmaker 2.0. Sometimes a little bit of filament comes out, of the thread in the hotend, and fills up the silicone cover. So the nozzle and the throat are not leak-proof. I read about that problem in generel, not specific for SM2, and an idea is to put a Brass-washer for M2 screws (OD: 5mm, ID: 2,2mm) between nozzle and thoat.

Will there be any problem with SM2 hot-end, when inserting a brass-washer?

Can you compare the top surface design between the original nozzle and the Micro Swiss? IIRC the MS nozzle is different. Also you did heat the nozzle up to 250C and torque it down after installation correct?

ok, I think we have to speak how to assemble the nozzle :sweat_smile:
I didn’t know I do something wrong, because the first time it worked without any problems.

you mean, after assembly i should heat the compleat hotend up, and torque it with the right torque? I don’t know the torque for that assembly, I know somebody asked for it, but there was no answer. So I thought there is no specific torque. Where can i find the right torque for the nozzle?

I checked the top surface design… it is the same.
The only difference between the nozzles is the wrench width an for sure the TwinClad XT coating of the micro-swiss nozzle.

I don’t know what torque SM recommends so I can’t speak to that but yes you have to heat it up for a final tightening. Here is a video about it.

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Thank you! will test if that helps :slight_smile: