What fonts are supported for laser engraving

I am trying to understand what fonts are actually supported by luban. I can actually see all the fonts that my windows machine has loaded when i try to add text on the edit screen but when i try to go from the edit screen to the Process screen the text does not show up.

I have seen in other forums that others are having the same issue but I have not seen any fix besides using another program.

Luban version 3.15.1

If you’re entering the text in Luban, I think you have to make sure that the object is selected before you go to process. The other thing I’ve found that works well is to use Inkscape to create a layout, and then export that to “plain SVG”. The only catch there is that you’ll need to select any text objects and convert them to paths first, which makes them regular vectors instead of relying on fonts.

You can find the font manu in Snapmaker Luban 3.15.1 as shown below.

Edwin, thank you for your reply and yes i see that list. The problem is when I go to process it, it will now show up.

thanks for your reply. I did try selecting the text before process but on some of the fonts they just dont show up. I did end up using inkscape and yes i had to convert each of my text as a path first. I was just hoping to be able to do it only in luban.