Snapmaker Luban on Macbook Pro Doesn't load fonts

I am running version 11.2.0 on a macbook pro and when I create text in the editor and select a specific font that font does not carry over into the “process” screen. The text reverts to some default font. I’ve closed the program and tried to create a new one, I’ve unistalled the software and reinstalled it, I’ve restarted the computer and keep having the same issues. It doesn’t matter what font I select, they all always revert back to this ugle box like font when I begin to “process” the project.

Are you aware of this issue and will you be addressing it soon?

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I’m having the exact same problem with my iMac after I updated to the latest version of Luban!

After much investigating, it appears that only certain fonts can be loaded/used in Luban - regardless of the font list presented. For example, Edwardian Script won’t work and defaults to a generic font, however a standard font such as Cambria transfers and works. Unfortunately I haven’t taken the time to make a list of “usable” fonts, so its a matter of trial and error at this point. Hopefully Snapmaker identifies the problem and fixes it in the next release.

Same problem here. I’m trying to use Webdings-Regular or Wingdings-Regular and they just show boxes in the edit view, Anybody find a fix?

Not that I know of yet, still confined to the few most popular fonts (Times New Roman, etc.).