What does the Lead 40 mean on the linear modules?

Hey guys!

I’m wondering what the lead on the linear modules mean. Is it the outer diameter of the trapezoidal thread spindle, is it the pitch or does it mean something different?

I think it means 40 mm linear travel / rotation :slightly_smiling_face:

Should be the lead. Original 2.0 series had 8mm lead, F/T series put 20mm leads on X/Y, but kept 8 on Z for faster X/Y, and apparently Artisan bumps up to 40mm lead. While this does increase linear speed, it does bring down the accuracy a little.

Basically, it’s how far the nut will travel in one rotation.

When this would be the case then we are talking about a double start thread. So the lead is 2 x pitch. In this example the pitch has to be 20 mm.
And at the new linear modules of the Snapmaker 2.0 (Z axes) the two rods have a pitch of 10 mm so we can achieve a lead of 20 mm.

A one start thread can’t achieve these leads.

(Source of the picture: https://www.helixlinear.com/media/10913/engineeers-guide-to-identifying-lead-screw-threads.pdf)

If lead is 40 mm and pitch is 10 mm. It has to be a 4 start. Not a double start…

I seem to understand that the Artisan does not use lead screws anymore, but belts?

Yes they use a belt on X and Y but not on Z

Yes that’s also possible :+1: