What do you think of the simpler laser engraver?

This is the simplest machine we’ve ever created. Simple and flexible. Is it good enugh to make you buy it? Why or why not?


I like the idea itself. Maybe we can see the video as it works. Of course I would like to test it :slight_smile:
one question:
You can set the power of the laser?

Yes, you can adjust the power of the laser before engraving.

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excellent :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be a good thing to do it like acrylic protection for smoke. Very thin acrylic would be appropriate with small fan.

Suggestion recorded. Yes, we are considering how to strengthen the protection too. Thanks for your advice!:blush:

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me again :slight_smile:
If you can put a picture of the works laser engraver.
Except the dice :slight_smile:


What a coincidence! Actually, we are working on it. I will share some videos this week. Keep in touch. :blush:

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Is there a possibility of having a laser cutting module; for things like paper, foam, or thin acrylic plastics?

Yes. The laser engraving module of the 3-in-1 3D Printer can cut paper. The new products will be stronger and can cut harder materials.

What is the maximum dimension covered by this engraver?
Would/Could some form of clamp be attached to the the two support legs to hold the work item in place so that it is does not move through the engraving?
It looks great!

It may be at least 25cmx25cm?

I’m not sure, it likes the middle length modular, and we are going to develop different lengths of linear modular, it can be as long as you can image :smile:

Would be nice if one can use some of the current Snapmaker components to construct this. e.g. upgrade kit that contains the 2 arms with feet. Use the current X and Z linear modules and laser module