The specification of the NEW LASER ENGRAVER (1.6W)


Could you let me know the spec. of new laser engraver module?
I want to know some infomation for that. For example.

2)Safety Class

Thank you.

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@Rainie @whimsycwd

Adding to this question, are the existing safety glasses that came with the original 200mw laser good enough for use with the new 1.6w laser


Class 4 blue (445 nm), and we’ll add the detailed specs to our official website lately - I was told. You can find safety information about Class 4 here:

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@parachvte @Rainie

Will new safety glasses capable of supporting the upgraded 1.6w laser be included in the upgrade?


There’s a new laser? Will all the people who already have the printer receive the new one? :open_mouth:

Not automatically. They will be offering 50% off coupons to Kickstarter backers though. I’m hoping they’ll do the same for FitForLaunch backers too, but I’m not holding my breath.

Is there a price? :open_mouth: How much more powerful is it? What more will we be able to do?

They’re claiming it can cut through 2mm thick plywood.

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@TheBum If it can cut through 2mm plywood, it would take many passes to do it. 1.6W is not very powerful. This is going to be more useful for PCB prototyping

Judge for yourself.


@Rainie Are there plans to offer a similar discount for FitForLaunch backers for this module as there will be for Kickstarter backers?

oh! I was just getting on to see where my 50% coupon was but I got it through fit for launch also. Have you heard anything?

They’re supposed to send it out via email this month.

I received today the mail.
Is it possible to adjust the Output Power of the Laser? If I only wand to engrave the 2mm plywood and not cut it?

Yes, you can adjust the power of the laser via the SnapmakerJS application so you can engrave instead of cut.


hahahaha, if only it could make the coffee, it would be perfect

keep having fun


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Can it cut through 2m plywood in one pass or does it require two? If one, how fast can it cut? The video is worthless in this regard because everything is timelapsed, so I have to assume cutting is at a snail’s pace.

Thanks for the answer.

I have not played around with cutting. I’m still trying to get a feel of how different power levels engrave on different materials.

But from what I’ve seen and read, you get a cleaner cut if you do multiple passes with faster speed.

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Does SnapmakerJS have support for multiple passes, or would you just need to run the job twice?