What do you need the "Snapmaker CAN Hub" for?

I ordered the Snapmaker CAN Hub directly at the time, it was 2022, but unfortunately it is still only used for the emergency stop of the Snapmaker A350T as no other modules have been released. I had always hoped that there would be an extension for the CNC module, a handwheel. But unfortunately I’m still waiting in vain.
Here is a picture that once appeared next to the machines at that time, it would be nice if something like this was developed, because it would make CNC work much easier if you could control the axes via such a module by changing the axes X-Y-Z with the handwheel!!!
Handrad Snapmaker

The air filter is plugged in the can hub and the future add on “filament dryer” (saw elsewhere maybe source, not sure…) will be.

Here is some source of self made “handwheels”:

Attached diagram shows how I am using the CAN Hub with all the accessories I have connectible to my SM 2 A350. I still seem to have two ports open should the dial or some other accessory be made available in the future.

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Here is my diagram of how the CAN hub is linked to the accessories, I don’t have an air filter (it is routed out of the window with an internal pipe fan twice as strong as the “Boosted Exhaust FAN”) so I still have four ports free.