Wall Tolerances

Maybe you folks could help. I printed a gear and spring in place to check if it would work. The teeth got connected to spring , so my wall tolerance was off? Where do I adjusted in Cura? It is the test print from the link below.

Have you adjusted your E steps and tested your bed clearance calibration? If not, check out the getting started guide. If so, can you upload a photo of your print?

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I have printed this on A350 works great. very clever design As @clewis says check E steps you are over extruding if the teeth get connected to the spring.
There’s also some large bridges on the top layer that becomes the side that are a bit tricky, I have added an additional fan and had to turn it up to get best results.

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Esteps yeah but also try slicer flow calibration after that

I always have a tough time with that print, the box always works but the latch is junk lol

Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration (teachingtechyt.github.io)

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