First Print with Snapmaker 2.0

My first Print with Snapmaker 2.0



Nice one :+1:
I transfered your thread into showcase section.


Wow, just unboxed mine yesterday…now the experience starts!


All the best… @loschinger. Turn your imagination into reality.
Am waiting for my SM2.

Very nice. Project. @johann_i
All the best

Here’s my first print on my A350.

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Other side

You can see some elephants foot and zits that I need to figure out.

I would suggest all new users to

  • calibrate your e-steps alias extruder because of stock underextruding
  • calibrate your linear advance alias k-factor because of slow printspeed need
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Here my first print before calibration


Very nice!
Would you share the model and print settings with us, please?

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Thanks I’ll have at look at doing that, I’m new to this so learning as I go along. Any other tips especially in relation to A350 with enclosure are highly appreciated.

Does anyone know if the Use of the enclosure with/without fan on means you should adjust your print settings?

Thank you for the suggestion. Can you recommend a good instruction tho these two calibration procedures? Best, Johannes

Ok I’ve checked the steps X, Y & Z over a 200mm ruler and they are perfect. I’ve noticed however the printed size of the bed is slightly out, so note to others make sure you use a true ruler to do this.

However what’s the best way for E-Steps with the enclosed head unit with the snapmaker?

Calibrate your extruder:

Calibrate your Linear advance (I would suggest you a k-value between 0.08 and 0.1):

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Thank you for the Info !!! Best, Johannes

I have a strange problem.
The printer is not moving along the x-axis anymore.
This problem occurred when it was half way printing a little piece.
How to fix thar?

Best and many Thanks, Johannes

I think there are many defective axis out there, cause a heating problem.
I had a similar issue a few days ago, after some cool down it works again for many hours.
Try to restart and or cool down your machine and see what happens.
If the problem is still there you may need the support. - look also at the forum somewhere there is a little guide about failure axis.

¿Cuánto tiempo se tardo y que medida tiene?

Got a new linear module. Good service !!!

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