Dimensional accuracy on holes

Just when I managed to dial in my 1st layer and start printing useful things. See: Achieving a good first layer A350

I found both holes in the print were a little too small, my solution was to use a drill to fix. However, prefer to be able to print accurately, any advice?

Holes were not tiny, talking 6mm and 8mm

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@Dojima Have you calibrated your extruder (E-Steps)?
In Cura exists a horizontal hole parameter, but i think you printed the hole on the bed?
BTW calibrating e-steps are for overall accurate dimensions.

Is that for over/under extrusion? If so yes I have, used this guide: https://all3dp.com/2/extruder-calibration-6-easy-steps-2/

The holes were printed on the bed. Are there other E-Step calibrations?

@Dojima You can also calibrate using this print which I am unable to run given my wavy bed issue.

I plan to check my A350 with the method you outlined in the other thread.

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