Wall maximum thickness

newbie question

does luban have limits on wall thickness.?

if so what are they?

…and am I correct in thinking that a larger top or bottom value simply increases the layer count but the z height remains the same?

so if the bottom or top wall values are increased then this means that the layer height must be reduced accordingly …to fit within the z height

or is the total number of layers reduced…???


Cura is the slicer under the hood of Luban, and it has great documentation. Here’s a jumping in point: Shell settings – Ultimaker Support

Some other useful limitations, summarized from some other online resources: Gaps in certain spots - #9 by edf

I don’t believe this is an upper limit on wall thickness. That said, I’ve never tried to go more than 1.2mm. There is a lower limit, which is the size of the nozzle. Luban knows the nozzle is 0.4mm, and won’t attempt to print anything narrower than that.

The top and bottom thickness should be a multiple of the layer height. Increasing those values will increase the number of layers printed and the thickness of the shell. It does not dynamically adjust your layer height in those regions.

I recommend playing with the layer slider in Luban. It’s on the right side of the model view. Drag it up and down to see what movements the print head is going to make on that layer. Once you’ve selected the slider, up and down arrows can be used to move a single layer at a time. Combined with left click + mouse to rotate, scroll to zoom, and right click + mouse to translate the model, you should be able to see exactly what Luban is doing when you change those params. Depending on what you’re looking at, you might need to disable some of the line types.

I use that a lot when I’m printing a model that claims that it doesn’t need support, but looks to me like it needs supports. I’ll examine areas where it might start printing mid-air, or steep overhangs.

There isn’t a limit on wall thickness.
If you increase it enough, you end up with a solid object/100% infill.
The layer heights remain the same, it’s just the number of layers that make up the bottom or top increase.


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That is exactly what will happen when you set the wall thickness to 100% in Snapmaker Luban.


It seems that the number of layers indicated in preview does not include the top and bottom walls.

I assume this because the number of layers remains the same no matter what you enter.

The only percieved dfference is the print time estimation

Can anyone confirm that the bottom layer thickness and associated layer count will be the same ? eg 985

I cant see any difference between a bottom layer thickness of 0.8mm and 80 mm apart from time and grams

Still confused.com

Try dragging the slider. The bottom thickness shouldn’t change the number of layers overall, just the number of layers before the switch between filling the entire layer with plastic to using an infill pattern. You should be able to see what I mean by adjusting the slider and looking at the differences between the two settings. For 0.8mm the switch should happen at layer 2/3 and for 80mm it would be around layer 200/201.

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many thanks

i was beginning to thow in the towel when i noticed that the infill default was being over riden…

your explanation clears things up …!

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