Top layer is missing in Luban

My first test for 3D printing was a simple small cube in Luban.
I imported it as a .obj or .stl file.
So far everything is fine, but the top layer is missing.
No matter how I import the object, no matter what object, the top layer is missing.
Changing the thickness of the top layer does not bring any change.
Incidentally, the top layer is also not displayed in the preview in Luban.

Someone should have noticed that here! :smiley:

Haut (“skin” in english) is the same as the top/bottom layer.

Thank you Mxbrnr, but shouldn’t there a green followed by a closing red skin on the top without the inner structure to be seen? That is what I mean with top layer.

This is not the inner structure. Slice something with less than 100% infill, look at the layer graph and you’ll see the difference. I also would recommend to use 3dp software in English. That helps a lot, because most of all guides are in English language.

@Chilli No, the green and red in the photos are “walls,” but the top/bottom surface do not get the same walls to cover them, they are considered their own surface, this is why in the settings you will select how many top/bottom layers you want to print. The inner structure is the infill, which is also different from the top/bottom skin and the walls; it can be seen if you scroll down a few layers in the preview. Because of the way the nozzle moves for printing, the texture and strength of the top/bottom, walls, and infill are all different, so they all need to be handled differently, which is why they all have their own settings in the slicing software. With this in mind, I would say that the preview and layer calculation of the model is absolutely normal.