Luban V4.3.2 layer bottom thickness settings not work

Luban V4.3.2 layer bottom thickness settings does not affect when you change it
Always it remains 5 Layer*0,2mm (Layer height)

same problem was also in V4.2.3

This is no longer a problem in 4.4.0 which is in private test at the moment, due for a new version next week. I did a quick test of 0.2mm bottom rather than my normal ~1mm and it had the 0(zero) layer and then onwards was infill. I had base layer at 0.28 and layer height 0.2, so I’m now certain it counts the base layer zero.

There is a param called initial bottom layers which define the number of initial bottom layers. This parameter has not been opened by luban for now.

4.4.0 opened the relevant parameters and solved the problem, you can try it if you are interested

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