Waiting for Godot (or for 80°)

When I use an ABS default file, preheating starts and I wait and wait and …

The nozzle reaches the 235° quite fast. But the Heated Bed seems to be stuck at 78-79°. Sometimes it goes up to 80° for a very short moment and then, it falls back to 78°. I’ve never seen 81° or 82°. With a lot of luck, the 80° moment is long enough to start the print. Sometimes it happens after 20 mins, sometimes after 30 mins. Sometimes my patience is the limit.

When I manually edit the gcode files and change M190 S80 to M190 S79 printing starts after a some minutes.
The SnapMaker stands in living environment (22°C room) and is in the enclosure. So it is definitely not a matter of environmental cooling.

50° for PLA is no problem at all. It starts after a few minutes.

Did I get a weak Heated Bed?

That very well could be the problem because I can get my bed up to 90 degrees and if I really push it 100. If your printer is in a cold place like the basement it might do that. Or if there is not encloser that could also be a problem. I use a storage container for my encloser so really anything will work.

Just, as I wrote: living environment 22°C + enclosure.
Therefore I think, my heating bed is to weak.

Sorry I missed that.

Wrote to the support as well. One week ago. No response yet.

I have the same Problem solved it for the moment with a Heat Fan for shrinking Tubes.
Have a good one

This should not be the solution for a new device …

I have the same problem. The bed will not heat up for abs. I will try support.

It seems to be a known problem. Support keeps ignoring it. I got an ignorant answer from there. That is definitely keeping me from buying the new, bigger snapmaker.