Funny "support"

I wrote to the support about the problem, that my heated bed does not come up to 80°. Got a nice answer: “Do not worry, everything is ok!”

ABS default settings is 80°. But I can not use it, because my heating is to weak for it. And the support is making jokes on me, telling me, everything was fine.

I have seen some poor support. But I never got such an ignorant answer. This is definitely the worst support-reply, I ever got.

Hi dude,
Do you really need your bed to be heated to 80° ?
I mean, the bed is normally use to have a temperature below material default setting, so that it’s hadening faster and you can print on it layer by layer.

Did you try the bed at 50°C ? What dos this does to you 3D part in ABS ?


ABS does not stick at 50°. The default settings are made for 80°. For PET 88° was even better. But PET is not part of the specifications. So I have to accept, that 88° is not possible.
But I expect a new bought device to reach the given default values.

PET works fine with 70°C and is so much easier to handle than ABS.