Heated Bed will not go upto 90, ABS print fails

My heated bed will only get to 85 and that took over an hour to get too.

And ABS will not stick to the bed. :frowning:

I think it is limited to 85°C.
Maybe you should try a modified ABS that requires less heat.

I struggled with ABS too (it did stick to the bed but the layers lell apart) and so I switched to PET-G for tougher prints. Works pretty good for me…

I was able to get to 90C before I had the blockage and had to wait on replacement parts for the 3d print module. It would take about 20 minutes for the temperature to get to 90, but now its taken about an hour to get to 80.

The spec of the heated bed is 80℃, according to snapmaker3D.com

Maybe you need to find some extra heating method?

Actually it is stated in the Kickstarter page that the temperature is suppose to go up to 100c.

I know. There has been a thread about this change

And I guess there isn’t much we can do, unless you want to modify the hardware.
For example, improve thermal insulation, add secondary heating method, or do something with the heat bed directly :thinking:

I have an enclosure and it still takes 15 minutes to get to 80 degrees Celsius.
Is there a work around?

Maybe Magigoo would help?