Heated bed temperature?

Does it take a long time for the heated bed to reach temperature? My printer currently is showing 9/50C but it feels quite warm. Its been heating the bed for 20 minutes now and it is still displaying 9/50C for the bed temperature

mine heats up in about 45 secs. I have a laptop hooked up via usb but as far as the filament it doesn’t come out like its supposed to.

Mine heats up in about 40-45 seconds. Temperature looks good - 47.8 degrees actual.


maybe doublecheck your cables are seated properly.


It appears my heated bed was damaged in shipping, a small resistor is missing. But the folks at Snapmaker were very helpful and helped troubleshoot the issue. They are also sending me a new heated bed. Thank you for the reply though.


Thank you for pointing this out to us. We will pack the heated bed with a plastic bag next time, so it won’t be damaged during delivery.

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My heated bed won’t detect any temperature at all. I’m guessing mine was damaged also.

Is there supposed to be a resistor here?

Yes there is, that is the same issue I had.

Crap. Okay. Hopefully Rainie sees this and can get me a new bed quick so I can start printing…:crossed_fingers:t2:

I have the same issue (picture attached). Does anyone know what the correct steps are to get this resolved?

@trevor.kernes @Memios Problem was solved through email. We will send you the new heated bed as soon as possible.

To others who encounter the same problem. Please follow these steps to request support:

  1. Take a picture of the back of the heated bed like Trevor and Memios did so that we can be sure that the resistor is missing.
  2. Send the picture to support@snapmaker.com

You can still use this heated bed for printing while you are waiting for the new heated bed. Please follow these steps to use the 3D printing function:

  1. Unplug the cable from the heated bed.
  2. When you generate G-code using Snapmaker3D, change the following 2 parameters to 0°C. Though the blanks will turn red, it is ok.
  3. Click Preview to generate G-code and then start printing as you did before (using a microSD card or a computer).
  4. In this way, the printer can still print small objects while the heated bed is not heated. If you want to print big objects, please select Raft as the Adhesion type.

We are sorry for the inconvenience we bring. This will not happen again since we have improved the package of the heated bed. Thank you for your feedback! =)

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I have the same problem and have requested a new heat bed. Has anyone had good luck with the heat bed set to 0?

Also does anyone know the resistor value and direction while waiting for a replacement?


I have not found any benefit in using the heated bed with PLA so I set it to 0 by default.

You can print by connecting a computer to the printer and using a custom print setting deactivating the heating bed temperature sensor.

Hi guys

Please help. I’m a newbie at this, and recieved my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 today after waiting 12 months. I have managed to print one small project already. I did however notice that the nozzel Got up to temp. Perfectly but the bed remained unheated for the entire duration of the print? Bed temp read - 15 on the monitor? Room temp was about 25 degrees celcius so have no idea where the - 15 comes from?

If I didn’t know better I’d say my bed heating isnt working at all? Is the bed supposed to ensure better adhesion of the part to the bed?

Is the bed supposed to be heated only for the 1st layer or for the entire print?

Unfortunately on the second project the part came loose from the bed (perhaps because it’s not heating) and stuck to the nozzel while it kept on spewing out filament. My entire print head and hot end are now totally jammed up with hardened filament!? In trying to clean it I think I may have damaged a hot end wire and now need to replace it. Where can I get a spare hot end?

Your input would be much appreciated.