VCarve or V carve photo with snapmaker

Anyone use Vcarve with e snapmaker. I ve downloaded the program but it needs a post processer to save the files. im wondering if anyone has a workaround for this or if snapmaker has a post processor that work with vcarve?

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Here is how you can use Snapmaker Luban to work with V-bit (not sure if your V carve refers to this)

  1. On the right top of the CNC G-code generator, you can use other bit to specify your custom V-bit.

  1. On “Configurations” widget, under “Path” section, choose “Outline” for Carve Path. It will generate path according to your image and the settings of your V-bit.

Edited: For more detailed usage, you can check the manual over CNC Carving:

You can also work with Fusion 360, there are discussions about Fusion 360 on this forum. You can also find document of how to generate post-processed G-code using Fusion 360 here:

It’s an old document for SM 1.0 (I’m not sure if new document for SM2.0 is ready), but the routine is the same.


thank you cor the information. 2 things if i could get luban to render anything over 100 mm i would have a thirst to want to continue using luban but in its current state it keeps crashing on my and many other with larger and hoger or more complex cnc models.
2 i am not sure you understand the question i am asking

Has anyone used the program Vcarve or Photo Vcave with he snapmakker if so what are you using for the file output settings?

CNC Carving Capability Test This thread may have some of the info you require as Vcarve is made by vectric.