CNC Rotary... next step and hope


I've recently placed an order for the new rotary module for CNC... In the mean time I tried to learn CNC with Snapmaker during this pandemic. So far it was an painful and unsuccessful experience since 3 days for 2.5D carving .

On their marketing demo they show carved and detailed dragon with SM1… I said to myself I could do that too with my SM2… Wrong, I could not find how they to that… I was looking for workflow, but it’s lack of tutorials. So I’ve ended up with 2 solutions.

We have 2 options:

A- Easy way : ( but not satisfy result )

1- Create or pick a 3D file
2- Convert to a deepmap with Z-Brush, Blender etc…
3- Use Luban to carve with V-bite

B-Hard way : ( but not end up with something now )

1- Create or pick a 3D file
2- Use Fusion 360 to get CNC file ( but can’t use V-bit for carving or finishing result )
3- Use Luban with the G-code provided from F360

So my HOPE with the new rotary module they show to US their workflow to get those amazing result of sculpting with CNC. More tutorials how they made it and an update of Luban are welcome.

If someone has a workflow to share for carving with good result please share your experiences.

Thank you!

Just out of curiosity. Why not?
Haven’t tried yet myself, but didn’t run into any issues with fusion so far

Why do people can not understand that cnc milling is a difficult thing - Others may take years to be an cnc machinist and here the people think snapmaker must do this to them. SM 2.0 is an difficult machine and it takes month of learnig to do good work with it. Dont get me wrong, asking is a good thing, but there are so many very good lessions in this forum. First read a lot then ask.



The issue from F360 it's happen when  you want to use V-bit profile from Snapmaker library. F360 won't let use it... It's said it's not intend for milling... You could trick F360 with false profile bit or use other V-bit... It's only happen with Snapmaker V-bit so far.


I just tried, and doing v-carving indeed isn’t what Fusion is made for so it seems.
On the other hand, for doing decorative carving like the dragon in their marketing video, my first choice would be a ball or tapered end mill. Then again, I’m not very experienced doing that kind of machining.


Thank for your input… I don’t think I will master CNC in couples days… But if Snapmaker team could provide more tutorials of how to use their machine and feed us with that. I think it will more enjoyable experience with their product. Maybe a master class or a project per week we could learn in deep our toy. Why not an academy for Snapmaker’s users! :wink: