V1.14.3 annoying/serious bug

So another strange behavior with V1.14.3…

So I have a print running from the touchscreen/SM itself, then I send (not run) a file to it from Luban or Cura while the print is running. The Disconnect warning comes up on the touchscreen after the file has been sent over… “The print job has not yet finished. Disconnecting will stop the current job”. This never use to happen in V1.12. The sent file would just load into SM memory, and the touchscreen would return to the current job screen. Now, just sending a file over while a print is running will abort the print if you’re not careful and dismiss the “Disconnect” alert on the touchscreen (thus preventing you from making changes to your current job: temp, speed, etc).

Why now (v1.14.3) would just sending over a file via WiFi cause the SM to prompt to disconnect and stop the current print?!? Absurd.

And if it can get even worse, Luban new auto-connect “feature” will randomly connect to the SM (even if you have a job started from the touchscreen), and put you in this state where if you disconnect you risk having the currently running job get stopped.

Oh, and same old bug from SM V1.12 still exists in V1.14, if you pause or stop the current job, 50/50 chance the resume button is disabled, forcing a hard reboot.

It just seems like it’s 1 step forward and 3 steps back with every update.


Welcome to the world of SM updates.
Sometimes it’s only one or two steps back. :wink:

If there isn’t something that is bothering you that’s listed as actually being fixed, you’re usually better off not upgrading. Definitely don’t be in a rush to upgrade unless you like being the one discovering the new bugs.

Believe me I’m the LAST person to update anything. I was pulled in by the update because the CNC part of Luban “fixed” the issue of bit diameter when doing fills. Before it just ignored bit diameter.

But sadly with the update the 3D printing part a complete train wreck. So many regressions, I fear Luban is at a point of no return.

This has been like this for quite a while with radio silence on any kind of fix.

I’ve contacted support directly, through Facebook multiple times, GitHub, you name it. Getting nothing back is infuriating since they broke good functioning software.

This has actually been a part of the system since release. Most people never notice it, or misunderstand what is happening. Anything that interrupts the TouchPad while a print is in progress, will cause a popup to display that will cancel the print. Prior to a patch ~2 years ago, it would abort prior to the popup, but now it doesn’t actually abort until you dismiss the popup. If you leave the popup alone, the print will continue.

Absolutely not true CNC Maker. The pop up never showed up in v1.12. The SM display would show the Luban file xfer progress, then go back to the print job when you disconnected in Luban. And you could continue to adjust speed, nozzle temp, bed temp, etc. of the running job.

FAIW, my SM is 1 year old and had v1.12 at that time, so I don’t know where you’re getting the 2 year reference from.