Uneven laser platform

Hi Makers,

I just realized that the laser platform of my brand-new Artisan seems to be uneven.
For me it seems that the two “fins” at the center of the platform are slightly higher (~0.2mm) than the others (see attached picture).
So if I mount a workpiece to the platform centrally, it will always be bended slightly,
which I think has an impact to the focus point of the laser.

Has anyone the same issue? Is your laser platform perfectly even or does it look like mine?

Maybe that could be the reason why I get unpredictable results at laser cutting.
Sometimes the laser cuts through the material (4mm plywood) perfectly, but sometimes it does not cut through completely, although with same material and exactly same settings/parameters.

As I’m new to laser cutting, does anyone have some suggestions or ideas how to fix that issue?

Thanks a lot for your answers!

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Yes I have the same problem. I treid to loose the screws in the middle and assemble it again. It’s a little bit better, but not perfect. I have to try it again

I believe we all have the same issue, bad design on the extrusion height. I have the exact same step.

Can you use CNC to cut it even?

Having the same issue here. Any improvements, or ideas?

and here same too

Same here.

Maybe, but I would not want to risk having the slightest error on the cutting, on a piece that ought to have been produced correctly…

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I have the same issue. The plate should be made form one peace not two. The honeycomb pattern might be better. I’m thinking of buying honeycomb working plate and attaching it to the table.

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