Laser Cutting - Platform protection

Hello Everyone,
i am relatively new to laser cutting and its the main thing i do right now with my snapmaker. I have the 10w laser and as i said i am mainly cutting through 3mm plywood. And what i wanted to as is how to best protect the laser cutting bed/platform?
I started with a plywood as a platform but i did generate quite a lot of heat between the surfaces and burn the back side of the wood i was cutting. I fixed it with sander but its extra work. So i purchased the metal platform from Snapmaker and the cuts are great. I dialed the laser on point so its cutting pretty much exactly throught the material but i can see that it leave some dent in the platform. Its nothing major but i have used it only for a day and dont want to destroy the platform after a few weeks of use. So i wanted to ask you if you have any good tips how to deal with that or if i shouldnt be afraid at all :slight_smile:

thank you everyone!

Can you send a photo? My platform as of now remains undamaged… Would be curious to see what your damage looks like.

Side remark: If you have too much scorch marks on the wood surface, an air assist improves that. I never used one, but there are several people that built their own.

You won’t damage the platform. Just clean it softly from time to time.

Yeah i did some more engraving and it really doesnt demage the platform. It seems like in the plywood i have been using was some kind of a glue that got on top of the platform and with next pass the laser burned the glue that was on top of the platform and it seemed like a dent… Mystery resolved :slight_smile: Thanks for all the contributions! :slight_smile: