Unable to view BMP file correctly

Hi I am trying to import/open a very simple bmp file in Luban 4.4.0 The image is made of parallel lines.
This is what the bmp file looks like.
and this is what it looks like in the Luban software

Any particular settings I am supposed to save the BMP file into?

Thank you in advance for any response


Looks like a DPI mismatch. I don’t know what resolution Luban issues. But that clearly the result of interpolating the information at different resolutions. The only way you’ll get desired results is to use SVG as the source.

This is what the SVG file import looks like.
Black and white
The DXF import looked promising but when it was imported into the workspace, there were no details.

What does the source SVG look like? You just can’t convert the BMP to SVG. You need to redraw the image as an SVG (vector) to get the result you desire. You can’t expect vector (high quality) results from bitmap (low quality) images.

I do not understand why the BMP files are not working…I had other more complicated BMP images imported fine and this image that is more simple is creating all sort of problems.

The BMP are working, you just have to understand how Luban (or any other graphics algorithm) rasterization works. Luban is set to interpolate pixels at X dpi, and if the lines in your original BMP are at the same multiple of X, you’ll get the non-regular result that you’re seeing. Nothing magical, just use a vector drawing tool to recreate your original image as an SVG.

OK. Do you know what the value of X is?