Un-pause / Re-start print after filament detached

Dear all,
I came home to find my Baby Yoda print had stopped and the PLA spool had fallen off the holder.

First question:
I have no idea why the spool fell off, I have no pets / Roombas, any suggestions for the future?

I managed to get the filament re-loaded and everything seems fine on that end.
Nozzle and bed temperatures have remained normal.
However, I am unable to re-start the print in Luban.

Second question:
Any suggestions on how to proceed? Are there some hidden console commands I’m missing?

Many thanks in advance! :grinning:
PS: Couldn’t find any similar older topics; sorry if I missed something.

I stopped the build job and removed the unfinished part…
Nonetheless, I’d appreciate some comments on:
(1) why the filament spool came loose in the first place and
(2) why it’s not possible to resume the build if this happens and if filament must be re-filled

Thanks in advance!

I have no idea why the spool fell off.
I think you are not able to resume because you where printing over luban and not the touchscreen, there was no filament runout detected at luban, right? - haven’t tested this so far.

If you didn’t deattached the print from the build plate you are able to delete the lines in gcode which you have printed before, and start the last slice of gcode, for this you have to measure the exact height of the model where it has failed.

Thanks for your reply!
Indeed, I was not able to resume the print and cancelled it.
I am now printing over the touchscreen and not over Luban to avoid such issues.
But overall, it remains very strange that the spool fell off… hope it doesn’t happen again.