Luban won't restart after running out of PLA

I am printing a large project. after 90% finished I ran out of PLA. I have Luban 4.8.2 and I reloaded another spool of PLA from Luban and hit the run button and it gives me (error 409) unable to resume the job. Is there a way to send a command over wifi on the console in Luban?

Did filament runout sensor tell you that filament is out?

To keep continue unfinished print in Luban, you would have to edit the g-code file first.

What printer are you working with?

I know that the printer which is a F350 2.0 w/dual print head went back to the home position. I don’t remember Luban having a message.

it always goes back to home position when senses filament break.
Check this video out -

I don’t think Luban is messaging anything.

Correct, thanks for the video but I have had that experience before from the printer screen and it did work perfectly. But if I disconnect from Luban at the printer it cancels the print and I lose everything.

Seems like you skipped a step there - it doesn’t stop everything when loosing connection (at least on later firmware versions) - instead it prompts you on the touch screen if you want to stop the print. You can keep printing…

I once overbaked a new spool of petg, it stuck together pretty well. I had about 25 breaks in it while printing - printer would handle it perfectly every time.

Share some screenshots pirctures of what’s happening. Maybe somebody else had experiance with this.

I gave up and will print from usb from now on.