Bug: Filament change stop the print entirely

After the prompted filament change, the print resumes, but stops after that layer. The nozzle stays hot and right on the print. This could pose a danger.

I did a power reset, and it seemed to kick off again.

  1. Are you printing via TS or Luban? The category is for Luban, but in your description I can not tell.

  2. How did you do power reset, turn off the power or unplug the power?

  3. Was the main controller light breathing when print stopped?

  1. When you say ts I’m not sure what you mean. I used Luban and transfered the data by wifi.

  2. I did turned the power off by flipping the switch on the back, then flipping it back on in a few seconds

  3. The power light remained breathing throughout the error, obviously turning off/on when I flipped the switch.

I’ve had this happen about 5 times now, where the filament replacement sensor goes off when there is still filament. The filament is not bound in any way. I can just hit “load” and it starts up again, but it seems to have issues described above when it does.

In order to trigger Power-Loss, you should unplug the power cable. I think flipping the switch will be regarded as a normal shutdown.

We re-produced your issue, but it didn’t happen every time. We will try to re-produce it and fix it ASAP.

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Excellent, glad I can help make SM2 even better!



Did you use the latest version of firmware? Is the problem still there?

I have been making due with my work around. I haven’t tried the very newest firmware (the one released yesterday). I will give it a shot. One of my problems is that this is intermittent. I can get it to work again for a while, but it has come back eventually every time.