Trying to use Cut2D for laser engraving with Snapmaker 2.0

I am trying to use Cut2D from Vectric to create GCodes for laser engraving on the snapmaker 2.0. I have installed the post-processor and luban sees the paths, but when i start it turns on the laser and moves like it should but does not engrave any thing. It works on another laser engraver we have. Are there anyone who have got it to work?

  1. Does the laser work if you create everything inside Luban, just so we can all be sure it isn’t a problem with the hardware?

  2. If everything works under Luban, can you post some sample gcode?

It works when everything is created in luban. I dont have access to the original gcodes before monday or tuesday. But i see now that there is a paid add-on for Cut2D that adds a laser function. I have not needed that on the other machine but can it be that the snapmaker requires that?

It’s possible—I’m not familiar with Cut2D specifically. But unless you’re in a hurry, I’d wait until you can show us the gcode. This could be as simple as needing to tweak the format of the M3 command (“Turn on laser”).

Ok, thanks. I will send the gcodes next week.

This is the gcode: tictac09.cnc - Google Drive

I seem to have got It working. I added the M3 command “M3 P100” and “M3 P0” a few places in the post-processor so that it turns on and off in the right places.