Transfer G code to work space

Hello… i was just wondering, if i program the CNC with fusion 360, it is possible to transfer the generated G Code to Luban’s WorkSpace, and run the program from there thru via wifi or direct cable connection, instead using the USB flash drive

Yes. You can do that.

that’s great news, but how? than again, now that i know it is possible, i can and will figure it out… thx for letting me know :wink::+1:

Connect and hit play.

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 10.40.16 PM

You are better off transferring to and running from the SM though. A lot more that can go wrong and cause problems - wifi connection dropouts, screen savers are just a couple.


yes that’s true, but the usb/flash drive give me less control once the program start, and if i use the usb, it’s forcing me to have my zero on the centre of the part. i like to be on control, i like to control the machine, not other way around :joy:

With Fusion you can choose whatever point you want for your work origin.


yes, but onec i load a program (gcode) to the usb (that shine little thing) and i plug it in to the machine, my zero automatically change to the centre, both on cnc and laser… can’t figure out why it is doing it… so when i run the boundary… it’s actually goes off the part :man_facepalming:
so for laser i just use the computer direct usb cable (not wife) this way it let me keep my zero…

Thanks to @sdj544 and @brent113 , you are always very helpful.


As you can see in the quick start guide, there are two images which show users the connection between the coordinate origin in the software and the work origin on the machine.

Laser engraving module

CNC carving module

You can learn how to set the work origin via the touchscreen on page 67.

Do you feel that the guide is still not clear with those images and tutorials?

Looking forward to your reply.


Then you’re doing something wrong in Fusion with how you’re choosing your work origin in your setup.
Or you have the SM post-processing installed incorrectly

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Yes, I have to say that the work origin in Fusion 360 and the one in Snapmaker Luban is different.

Please refer to this article:

i know how to use the touch screen :blush::wink::+1:
but it will on it’s own changes zero back to centre if i use the shiny USB :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:
not important, i can get around it…
BTW, the user guide is very very well made
thx for all the reply and help

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The SM doesn’t do anything to the g-code you feed it from Fusion - whether you use the “shiny USB” or send it using wi-fi over Luban or run it from Luban itself. It’s just following whatever settings you have in Fusion. The only setting you need to do on the SM is tell it where the corresponding work origin is on your workpiece and then “set work origin”.


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This might be the key that some user mistake the work origin when they use Fusion 360. It seems that we need to remind users that they need to notice the differences between coordinate systems.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


it’s all cool​:wink::+1:… i will able to work around stuff… part of my job is problem solving and work around it to have the job done…
just find it weird… that’s all…
thx for all the reply’s, helps and tips​:pray::+1:

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