TPE-88 Print Settings, 0.4 nozzle

Hi all,

This is my first print on the SnapMaker 2.0 which is not PLA.
I’m trying to print an RC car tire with the FilamentPM TPE-88, but I cant seem to find the proper settings for a TPE filament that’ll work on the SM2.0.

Any help would be appreciated.

Use whatever settings are given by the filament’s manufacturer, at least to start. If they have no information, a quick check of my usual vendor suggests PETG-like nozzle temperatures (220C-240C), bed as hot as you can reasonably manage (ideally 85C+), don’t print too fast (<=30mm/sec), and there may be some adhesion issues.

Be aware that there are issues with feeding flex filaments like TPE or TPU in Snapmakers. First thing to try if it won’t feed properly is unlatching the print head door and holding it in place with tape so that it doesn’t press as firmly against the filament. If that doesn’t work either, you may want to print the flex adaptor.

The hopelessly long thread on printing flex (which should have the adaptor design in it somewhere) is here: Printing TPU with A250 (or any SM 2.0)