Toolheads for F350

I am new to this, and just received my first printer. It seems as if I ordered wrong as I wanted all 3 toolheads but received the F350 without the other 2. My first question is can the other toolheads work on this model if I buy them individually, or did I totally screw up and need to figure out either a return or another purchase all together.

Yes, the toolheads will work with your F350. The ‘F’ models are essentially the same as the Ax00T models but with just the 3D printing toolhead and heated bed.

Thanks for the reply! Now to ask another question, what all do I need to buy with those toolheads, like the platforms? I do already have the enclosure.

Well, I can’t provide a definitive answer but you will need some CNC bits, I suppose the Snapmaker ones are a good place to start as Luban is already setup to make use of those.

I don’t know if the laser platform is available in a bundle with the 1600mW laser module (it is with the 10W) as the module does not seem to be listed, you’d have to email sales.

Similarly for the CNC. Some do make their own wasteboards but the official one is not too expensive.
You’d probably be best to ask about clamps for fixing your material for CNCing too.

You’ll probably need screws for the boards too, check the manual to see what size.

Generally look through the various sections of the User Guide to see what you need.

Hope that helps.

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Just thought I ought to add: don’t accidentally order the 1600mW laser module or the ‘Original’ Snapmaker, that won’t work with the F350.

Thanks for your help. I’m a little disappointed I messed up my order so bad, but I guess that’s what I get for being so excited.

I would definitely wait for the 10w laser module. (not sure when it’s shipping now. Check the store and you can pre-order it)
It will be a game changer. You won’t be happy with the 1600mw in comparison.
It might work out better for you after all with that.

Print your own clamps for cnc. Search thingiverse. I really like these:

Print them in smaller sizes (50%? can’t remember) and they work better with SM size.

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