Limitations of F350?


I’m trying to decide between the A350T and the F350. Ideally I’d like to upgrade the F350 with the upcoming 10W laser module and CNC further down the line, but I don’t see the CNC module mentioned for the F350. Does anyone know if there is some technical reason the F350 wouldn’t be able to use the current CNC module (or any of the other current modules)?


All of the modules are usable on any of the SM 2.0’s.
The only caveat is that old and new linear modules cannot be combined/mixed & matched.

The one thing to remember with cnc and laser is that you would also need to buy beds for the laser and spoil board for the cnc. Also would need clamps and they use different screws than the heated bed.

I assume that at some point they’ll sell a version that includes the 10w laser module, but at this point I’m just speculating.

Lastly, since we haven’t heard the pricing on the laser, it’s hard to say whether you wouldn’t be better off (if you have the room) getting separate machines. The SM does everything reasonably well, but isn’t necessarily great at anything. It’s much slower than an equivalent dedicated machines.

The F350 is supposed to have everything except the CNC related hardware (wasteboard, clamps, module) and Laser hardware (laser bed, module) hence why the cost is much lower since it not only does not have the other 2 heads but also doesn’t have any of the hardware related to those other 2 heads. But you can contact Snapmaker and purchase that hardware separately at a later time.

@SnapmakerSupport @Snapmaker-Support will it be possible to buy the beds/wasteboard/clamps as well as the modules to upgrade F350s? Currently only the wasteboard is for sale in the store…