Help with Laser Engraving

I’m having a weird issue with my engraver. I sent an image to the engraver and it came out great! I had to modify it slightly so I created a new png file and created the g-code. I used the same settings previously used. I’m not sure how to describe the problem I’m now having but it seems like the laser is squishing and stretching the print even though when we set the origin and boundaries it looks like it’s the correct size.

Any ideas?

Sounds like a resolution or size change when you modified it. So Luban is then adjusting the ‘image’ to fit the boundaries which then affects what is in the image that is being overlayed onto the object printed on.
Are you using camera capture so you can overlay what you want and see it visually before printing?

I have the same Problem like you did you now find out what´s the Problem is ?