Too much Bed Adhesion!

Hi all,

This has probably been mentioned before but I can’t find it!

I have to destroy a small part of my print to get enough leverage to remove my part. I have calibrated the printer so that the included card is barely scrapping the tip (by feeling) rather than the suggested moderate pressure.

Is there anything I can do without ruining print quality?

Thanks in advance!

I have dealt with this using always “build plate adhesion Type” → “Raft” this way if i can get the model out with out ruining the print.

That looks alot better actually, I just left it on skirt!

I’ll give it ago thanks

It may depend on the type on filament - what did you use? PLA usually gets off easy enough, while PETG can be a PITA… With PETG it may be a good idea to use hairspray or glue stick as separation layer.